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*Note on my Travel Blog for France:

I've been meaning to update my travel log for quite some time, but now in the aftermath of what happened on Friday 13, 2015, I have decided to postpone any more blogs on Paris. Instead, I will post what is possibly the most touching video I've ever seen.

It saddens me that we need to explain such senseless acts of violence to children, but in this video a father did just that while also teaching his child to choose hope over fear. 

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Placed in the middle of a bustling roundabout, the Arc De Triomphe is beautiful day or night.

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This is called "The Gates of Hell" by the French artist Rodin. Well known for his bronze statue "The Thinker," Rodin is one of the most talented bronze casters of his time. This image depicts a famous scene from Dante's "Inferno." This is a cultural icon that is rarely on the top of typical travel guides.

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